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The Energy-Ring Inductor
Hand Forged
Isidro Forging Jewelry on Railroad Spikes.
- Patent Pending - Photo by Morgen Nilsson -

A Beautiful Piece of Jewelry
And Much More

Used by
Reiki Healers and Other
Energy Workers

If you live on planet Earth,
you are immersed in a field of magnetic flux
that extends from Pole to Pole
and beyond.

Our movement within this
Field of Energy causes us to interact with it.
How we interact within this Field of Energy
affects the entire field,
the effect of which we all feel. 

What effect have you felt today ? 
And how have you affected this Field of Energy
we call by so many names ?


Vortex Energy-Ring

Calculate the Inductance
of your Energy-Ring

Ring Size
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Inductance in Microhenrys

The Energy-Ring is an Inductor

An Inductor will react to a magnetic field of energy by inducing a flow of electrons.  By the same token, if there is a flow of electrons through an inductor, it will respond by inducing a magnetic field of energy.  This is a principal that is well established in the fundamentals of electronics, as is the fact that inductance depends on the physical characteristics of the conductor. If a conductor is formed into a coil, for example, its inductance is greatly increased. The Energy-Ring is simply an Induction Coil made of an electrical conductor (copper, silver, gold etc). 

As an inductor, the Energy-Ring can be used to convert Energy from one form to another and to direct the Energy in a desired way.  In other words, the Energy Ring is directing energy. It is a tool that can be used to make magnetic force, available everywhere, more useful. 

Now delving further: The electrical energy generated by an inductor is also dependent on a magnetic field that is fluctuating.  If the magnetic field is stable, (not fluctuating), there is no electrical energy generated through the inductor. 

Refering back to that very interesting article in the January 1999 issue of Scientific American magazine, "Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse", we find that the Earth's Magnetic Energy is anything but stable.  We have here at our disposal an incredibly huge field of fluctuating magnetic energy. 

How is all this useful to me ?  You might ask.  Well, it is my understanding that in the process of Healing by methods developed throughout history, the primary objective is to bring about a balance of energy in the body.  This balance may be achieved by various methods including Acupuncture, Accupressure, Aura Balancing, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, and many others too numerous to mention here.  The Energy-Ring is a device that can assist in the movement of energy by the induction method.  That is, the conversion of energy from one form to another and the movement of energy from one place to another.

How does it work? It is my belief that the reason the Energy-Ring is so helpful in balancing energy or promoting a sense of well being, is the fact that the energy eminating from it originates in our planet's magnetic pulse.  As the Earth's magnetic energy fluctuates, as it does constantly, so does the output of the Energy-Ring. It is like an equalizing link between our body and the earth. There are some who refer to the sensation of the Energy-Ring as Grounding or Centering Energy.


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